Musical Toys for Kids of All Ages

Musical toys and instruments for kids of all ages accordion ukulele drum set MP3 player Mozart Music cube retro record player xylophone

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Make a Joyful Noise

Musical toys and instruments for kids of all ages accordion ukulele drum set MP3 player Mozart Music cube retro record player xylophone

  • What: Musical Toys for Kids
  • When: 6 months and up
  • Why: Fun, engaging, stimulating
  • Where: Amazon

Got a budding musician on your hands? Or maybe you’ve heard about the benefits of exposing young children to music from an early age. If you want to encourage their musical talents and exploration of sound, look and listen for these musical toys and instruments made just for kids.

children's accordion buttons labeled with notes

Accordion: This tiny accordion fits little hands perfectly, and makes a lovely sound for such a small piece. Kids will enjoy pushing the different buttons to make different notes, as well as moving the bellows back and forth to discover the relationship between air and sound. Kids who want more can progress to playing songs thanks to the clearly labeled notes and pint-sized straps which keep the instrument secure.

Everjoys Ukulele kit for beginners kids

Ukulele: Once your kid gets bitten by the music bug, introduce them to an instrument just their size that makes learning to read and play music fun. This ukulele comes with everything kids need to continue their musical journey, from a tuner and a strap to lots of color choices for the instrument itself. It also includes a case and a booklet to get them started.

SanDisk Clip Jam MP3 Player for kids 3 with black ear buds

MP3 Player: If your kid wants to enjoy their music without disturbing everyone in the house (or the car, or the plane), get them their own music player. This tiny clip-on music player holds tons of songs, yet takes up hardly any room. It comes with earbuds, but can easily attach to headphones for younger listeners. You can also add a memory card to expand the storage space even more. Simple controls make it easy for kids to navigate.

Xylophone: We got our first born a xylophone for his first birthday, and the kids still use it today. This small instrument works great for infants and toddlers who love noise and banging things. Once they get older, kids can listen to the different notes, eventually progressing to playing songs, all with the simple tap of the included mallet.

Tots musical drum toy with plastic horn maracas and tambour

Tots Musical Drum: This instrument set will delight even the smallest musical aficionado. It comes complete with a drum that opens to reveal maracas, a tambourine, and a plastic horn they can use to make their own band. Each instrument makes a different noise, encouraging kids to explore the world of sound.

musical egg shakers in blue red green and yellow in pile

Egg Shakers: Babies as young as six months can get in on the musical action thanks to these brightly colored egg shakers. They make a pleasing noise that can be used along with any song, or even on their own. Kids enjoy the round shape and bright colors as well as the sound and texture of these musical toys.

Mozart Music Cube: Introduce kids to one of the masters thanks to this musical cube. It features a different instrument on each side, and the touch of any of the oversized buttons will start one of several songs by Mozart played by that particular instrument. Kids can push multiple buttons to mix and match for their symphony creation.

Fisher Price Retro Record Player replica toy based on original from 1971 kids music

Retro Record Player: This class record player toy still delights young children. They can choose one of the five colored plastic records to load, then listen to the song it plays. Each record comes with two songs, one on each side, for a total of ten songs to enjoy. That means kids get a kick out of changing the tune and parents appreciate the variety of musical choices with classic kids’ tunes.

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