Pillowfort Animal Throw Buddy

Target Pillowfort Throw Buddy stuffed light gray sloth holding blue blanket with white stars

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Super Soft Blanket and Stuffed Animal

Target Pillowfort Throw Buddy stuffed light gray sloth holding blue blanket with white stars

  • What: Pillowfort Animal Throw Buddy
  • When: Birth to college
  • Why: Super soft, affordable, adorable
  • Where: Target or Amazon

Do you and your kids love Pillowfort? Have you met their cuddly critters that come complete with a throw blanket? If you want to add some adorable yet practical decor to your child’s room, look no further than Pillowfort’s Throw Buddy.

Pillowfort Knight Throw Buddy on Amazon

The super soft throw blanket comes just big enough for kids to wrap up in cozy comfort, while the stuffed animal doubles as a pillow. Each animal also has long legs and arms with hook and loop fasteners on the end of each one. Roll the blanket up and secure it safely inside the animal’s appendages for an extra cute look or to travel compactly. Or let the stuffed animal hang onto your child, or almost anything else it can loop around. The stuffed animal measures about 18 inches tall (including the legs, or roughly ten inches while sitting), while the blanket comes in at 66 long inches by 50 inches wide.

Target boasts the best supply of these adorable throw buddies. Currently they have six types to choose from: unicorn, fox, astronaut, penguin, and two colors of dinosaurs, green and pink. You can also find some other versions online in various places if you need a certain type of animal.

Pillowfort gray sloth throw buddy
My son sleeps with his blanket and throw buddy every night, and loves curling up in the plush blanket during the day, too.

I couldn’t resist buying the Sloth Throw Buddy for my son’s birthday more than a year ago. He has slept with the blanket almost every single night since receiving it, and loves the super soft texture. He hates getting dressed and eschews pajamas, because he prefers the fuzzy texture next to his skin above anything else. Luckily, you can throw both the blanket and the stuffed animal in the washer and dryer for easy cleaning, assuming you can pry either away from your child long enough to launder it.

If you want a cute yet practical combo your child is sure to love, look no further than the Pillowfort Throw Buddy for a soft and cuddly decor that doubles as a pillow and blanket.

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