Tegu Magnetic Blocks

Tegu Tints magnetic wooden blocks toys in different shapes and colors

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Stick with Classic Wooden Blocks

Tegu Tints magnetic wooden blocks toys

  • What: Tegu Magnetic Blocks
  • When: One year and up
  • Why: Fun, education, durable
  • Where: Amazon

Love the concept of blocks but wish your child’s creations didn’t tip over when you walked by them? Want to help your child build super stable structures with less effort? If you haven’t invested in a box of Tegu Magnetic Blocks, prepare for a whole new level of block building fun.

Tegu 24 Piece Magnetic Wooden Block Set on Amazon

These magnetic wooden blocks come in a variety of soft hues, all made from water-based non-toxic materials. Start with a set of 24 pieces to create a multitude of different structures. Use the pictures as a guide to shape vehicles, people, animals, and more. Or let their imaginations loose and see what ideas come to life.

Tegu Tints 40 piece set combined with wheels and cubes and triangles to build structure mangetic wooden blocks
The magnets let kids build in new and fun ways.

If you don’t want to commit to the larger price tag, you can start off with a 14 piece set or even a pocket pouch that comes with six pieces. No matter how many pieces you choose to buy, kids will enjoy clicking them together to make solid creations. All the sets work seamlessly together, and kids love the way the blocks attract and repel each other. It may take a bit of trial and error to figure out which ends will connect as kids learn about magnetic forces. These blocks, with the soft rounded edges, make great toys for infants to older kids, and they last, too. The color on the edges of ours has worn off after almost ten years of playing, chewing, and crashing, but the blocks and magnets hidden inside still work great. From houses to vehicles, their imagination is the limit with these magnetic wooden blocks.

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