Etch A Sketch

Etch A Sketch Pocket drawing size toy with child's drawing of a sloth hanging from tree branch

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Draw Without BatteriesEtch A Sketch Pocket drawing size toy with child's drawing of a sloth

  • What: Etch A Sketch
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Imaginative, classic, wide age appeal
  • Where: Amazon

Etch A Sketch celebrated 60 years of fun and imagination, and there’s no better time to introduce your child to this drawing toy filled with wonder, the Etch A Sketch Classic.

Etch A Sketch Classic on Amazon

Unlike modern kids’ toys, Etch A Sketch requires no batteries and no stylus. Two white knobs control the single line on the gray screen. Turning the right knob makes the line go up or down, and turning the left knob makes the line move horizontally. Kids can practice turning both knobs simultaneously to create curved lines. With no stylus to lose, and the ability to erase the entire board with a shake, kids can use their imaginations to draw time and time again.

Etch A Sketch logo on Pocket version of toy gold letters on red background
The Etch A Sketch hasn’t changed much besides size options since its first introduction more than 60 years ago.

You can get the Etch A Sketch in multiple sizes, including the classic which measures around 9 inches (about 23 cm) by 7.4 inches (19 cm). If you want a smaller non-electronic screen to pack, try the Pocket version, which comes in around 3.5 inches (9 cm) and fits easily into almost any pocket or bag. It comes with full sized knobs but a much smaller drawing surface. No matter which one you choose, kids will have fun mastering the simple moves to create their own unique designs. Make a mistake? No problem. Shake the board to start all over again.

This classic toy holds just as much appeal for kids today as it did when it first hit the market in the 1960’s. The iconic bright red frame houses the gray screen and white knobs that bring their line drawings to life. With no need for batteries, a charger, or even a stylus, kids can have fun at home or on the go thanks to this fascinating toy.

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