Shashibo Cubes

Shashibo Cubes Magnetic puzzle toy for kids and adults four cubes in four patterns making square

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Shape Shifting Stimulation

Shashibo Cubes Magnetic puzzle toy for kids and adults four cubes in four patterns

  • What: Shashibo Magnetic Puzzles Cubes
  • When: 8 years and up
  • Why: Entertaining, non-electronic, wide age range
  • Where: Amazon

Do you have a kid (or a husband) who likes to fidget things? Want to give your child something to do to keep their hands busy and out of trouble? If your child likes shapes and manipulating blocks, Shashibo Cubes level up building creativity.

Shashibo Shape Shifting Box on Amazon

This open-ended toy works as well for kids as it does for grown ups. The cube comes with magnets that connect multiple sides. Figuring out how to get the cube open presents the first challenge. When kids master that move, they can push, pull, and twist the pieces to make a variety of shapes. Then, once they finish, they can display their favorite arrangement or try and get the toy back into its cube formation. 

Shashibo Cubes Elements pattern in five pionted star shape
These cubes can transform into more than 70 different shapes.

Each Shashibo Cube comes with a vivid pattern on the outside. Choose from twelve designs, many inspired by fractals, nature, and repeating patterns. Reveal two other patterns on the inside of each cube once it opens. Use these different colors to help reassemble the basic cube, or just see how many different combinations and shapes you can make.

Shashibo Cubes magnetic puzzle toy Elements and Wings pattern combined into one
You can combine two Shashibo Cubes to make even more shapes.

Get more than one cube, and you can combine them to make even more shapes. You can save a few bucks by buying in pairs, or get a box of four to save even more. The cubes have magnets strong enough to lift another cube, and when configured correctly, will stick to each other as well. Or you can make interlocking creations without worrying about the magnets. These cubes don’t come cheap, but they offer a lot of bang for the buck, and make great gifts, since even if the recipient owns one, they can combine the cubes for more fun.

Shashibo Cubes four different patterns in four different shapes
Choose your favorite pattern and see what shapes you can make.

If you want to explore magnetic puzzles without risk of losing any pieces, get your own Shashibo Cube in your favorite pattern and start the fidgeting fun today.

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