Farm Themed Board Books

Farm themed board books for kids First 100 Animals Moo, Baa, La La La, Bright Baby Farm, Barnyard Dance!

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Barnyard Favorites

Farm themed board books for kids First 100 Animals Moo, Baa, La La La, Bright Baby Farm, Barnyard Dance!

  • What: Farm Themed Board Books
  • When: 3 months to 4 years
  • Why: Fun, durable, farm friendly
  • Where: Amazon

Have a youngster who can’t get enough of the farm, the animals that live there, and the special equipment and buildings that you find there? Want to thrill the littlest farmer with books that hold up to their love to peruse the pages over and over again? Check out this variety of selections, all of which features different favorites from down on the farm.

Bright Baby Farm board book for kids

Bright Baby Farm: This selection, like all the Bright Baby books, comes packed with real photos set against brightly colored backgrounds. Each page showcases one animal or farm item, with minimal text. The large pages and bright colors appeal to even the youngest audience.

Barnyard Dance: If you want more text and movement in your farm books, grab a copy of Barnyard Dance. This jaunty tune features lots of repeating text, and a bunch of cartoon farm animals in the customary Boynton style. They all enjoy a good dance to get their bodies moving, and you can, too, thanks to this board book.

Little Blue Truck board book cover
(Photo credit: Amazon)

Little Blue Truck: If your child loves the farm truck, you can’t go wrong with a ride through the pages with Little Blue, who is friends with all the animals on the farm. Inspire your child with this tale of friendship between a sweet vehicle looking to help and the animals who come to his rescue.

Indestructibles Hello, Farm! board book
(Photo credit: Amazon)

Indestructibles Hello Farm: These paper-like pages offer lots of fun to kids, and you can get a version featuring their favorite farm animals. Kids love the crinkly sounds and texture of these unique pages, and parents love that the books can’t be torn or damaged by drool, spills, or anything else life with little ones entails.

Baby's Very First N
(Photo credit: Amazon)

Baby’s Very First Noisy Farm Book: This book brings animal noises to life, thanks to the buttons along the side. Paired with the sturdy pages, kids can enjoy pushing the buttons to hear their favorite sounds each time they see the corresponding picture. Or they can just push the buttons for fun anytime.

Moo, Baa, La La La! board bo

Moo, Baa, La La La: If you want even more Boynton fun, check out this selection. It comes stocked with a variety of farm animals, like cows, sheep, and ducks. Each animal contributes their unique sound to make for a fun read with their favorite farm friends.

(Photo credit: Amazon)

The Very Busy Spider: Eric Carle’s beloved illustrations come to the farm with this tale of a busy spider. Each animal inquires about the spider’s progress, stopping by to check out her work. With a variety of animals in this sweet tale, kids will enjoy reading it over and over again.

First 100 animals big board book by Roger Priddy bright baby

First 100 Animals: If you want more animals than fit on the average farm, look no further than this book. It comes chock full of animals of all types, including a large variety of farm friends. Kids will love flipping through the pages to find their favorites.

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