Pop Up School Bus

Wooden pop up school bus with six wooden people

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Jumping Action for Little Ones

Wooden yellow school bus with painted stick people that pop up
  • What: Pop Up School Bus
  • When: 6 months to 3 years
  • Why: Affordable, durable, entertaining
  • Where: Amazon

Looking to thrill the toddler in your life? Want a toy that’s affordable but brings them lots of pleasure without any batteries needed? Get a Pop Up School Bus for the child in your life.

Pop Up School Bus on Amazon

This wooden bus comes with four wheels and can roll along the floor. But the real joy comes in the four wooden peg passengers in red, blue, yellow, and green. Each one fits into a hole in the top, encouraging hand eye coordination in young kids. When pushed down, the people will pop up into the air and out of the bus. Kids can reload the passengers over and over again and make them jump out endlessly. It never fails to bring a smile to their faces.

Toddler sitting in basket playing with wooden stick people in pop up wooden school bus
Kids love putting the people in the bus and popping them out again.

We received one of these toys for our firstborn, and I’m so glad we did. He played with it for months, and although he’s now eleven years old, I still look back fondly on those times with this particular toy. A simple pop of the people could change his frown to a smile almost anytime, and he giggled with glee whenever he sent them flying. The sturdy wood made it last through all three of our kids, then we passed it along to another family for even more fun. The paint on the people did wear off, but given the amount of use and abuse they handled, they still worked great.

If you don’t like the bus, you can get the same toy with a stationary stand for popping. The people can fit interchangeably into either toy as well, so if one person goes missing, you can freely substitute another. No matter which design you choose, rest assured toddlers will love the popping action.

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