Driven Build-A-City Playset

Driven Pocket Series Build-A-City Playset assembled on floor

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Driving Perfection

Driven Pocket Series Build-A-City Play Set with fire station gas station police station construction site and more

  • What: Driven Build-A-City Playset
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Compact, versatile, detailed
  • Where: Amazon or Target

Driven Pocket Series fans rejoice! Not only can you get new cars for your fleet thanks to the Pocket Series 3 now on shelves, but Driven has released a new playset, too. The Driven Pocket Series Build-A-City Set comes with everything kids want and need to keep their city running smoothly.

Driven Po

Driven by Battat Pocket Series Build-A-City Playset

This set comes with a multi-level fire station complete with an elevator and a helicopter landing pad for those emergencies that can only be handled by air. It also features a police station with a jail to contain any cars that misbehave. The service station includes gas pumps and a car wash, while the construction site has a moving wrecking ball and a tunnel underneath. If that wasn’t enough to thrill the fans of this miniature vehicle series, you also get a small house, a tunnel, and a suspension bridge, as well as all the road and ramp pieces needed to connect everything. 

Driven Pocket Series Build-A-City Playset
Each little piece of the set includes lots of big details, like the opening fire station door and working lift.

The set comes with six vehicles, including a fire engine, dump truck, police car, and a helicopter. Kids can set up the different components any way they like, providing almost endless possibilities. It even comes with a selection of road signs to set the scene. Like all Driven Pocket Series, this set works seamlessly with the vehicles and garages from the blind boxes, as well as other sets in the series.

Seven year old child connecting road pieces in Driven Pocket Series Build-A-City Playset
Like all Driven Pocket Series, this playset connects seamlessly with other items from the collection.

I’m not sure who was more excited to see this item on shelves, my son or myself. Either way, we’ve both enjoyed adding all the new elements to our little car setups. Best of all, since these new pieces can act as stand alone items, they pack down very quickly for easy clean up and storage. 

Driven Pocket Series Build-A-City Playst connected to burger stand
Many elements in this set feature an upper and lower level to connect.

If you want to take their miniature car play to new levels, get your own Driven Pocket Series Build-A-City set soon!

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