The Mysterious Benedict Society Books

The Mysterious Benedict Society book one in series by Trenton Lee Stewart

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Four Kids Tackle EvilThe Mysterious Benedict Society book one in series by Trentan Lee Stewart

  • What: The Mysterious Benedict Society Books
  • When: 8 years and up
  • Why: Entertaining, educational, enlightening
  • Where: Amazon

Want to encourage your kids to use their wits to solve problems, outsmart villains, and build friendships? If you want a book the entire family can enjoy reading out loud together, or a new chapter book for your elementary school reader, check out The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart.

The Mysterious Benedict Society book on Amazon

In the first of these books, four kids survive a series of confounding tests. Together, they form The Mysterious Benedict Society under the tutelage of the eccentric Nicholas Benedict. The quartet of gifted kids must infiltrate the nearby Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened. Beware of mysterious benefactors, teenage henchmen, and plot twists and turns in this fascinating read.

Beginning of chapter from The Mysterious Benedict Society book
This book has dense text and lots of pages, making it excellent to read out loud or for more advanced readers.

Once you finish the first selection, you can enjoy the exploits of these talented kids in three other volumes, each with its own perilous tasks. If you love the books, you can also get the prequel, The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict. Buy books individually or get a box set of all five tales. Want even more of the The Mysterious Benedict Society? Disney Plus offers the screen adaptation of the first book, with eight episodes suitable for ages eight and up.

Whether you like a good mystery or sensational characters, these books will delight young and old with their intricate puzzles and crafty kids.

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