Speks Geode

Speks Geode magentic fidget toy in cobalt blue color sphere

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Magnetic Manipulation

Speks Geode magentic fidget toy in cobalt blue color sphere

  • What: Speks Geode
  • When: 7 years and up
  • Why: Fascinating, magnetic, appealing
  • Where: Amazon or Speks

Got a kid who can’t get enough of magnetic tile toys? Want to give your older child all the joy of magnet tiles with a little more sophistication? Meet Geode by Speks.

Speks Geode toy image

Speks Geode Magnetic Fidget Sphere

These magnetic pentagons connect with a series of tiny magnetic balls along each side. Pieces connect to create multiple different shapes and formations. With five colors to choose from (lava, aqua, quartz, cobalt, and slate), each pentagon comes with a brightly colored side and a clear side on the reverse, adding another dimension of color options to creations. These toys aren’t just for building, though. Kids and adults can use them as fiddle toys as well. Toss the ball into the air, and watch it collapse on impact only to snap back into place, thanks to the powerful magnets.

Child holding Speks Geode cobalt blue sphere magnetic fidget toy in hands
All three of my kids love playing with these magnetic pentagon pieces.

Each set includes twelve pentagons for playing and creating, with one tile measuring just about an inch across. Kids can stack the shapes to build towers or snap them together to make three dimensional shapes. Inside the box, you’ll find a guide for some basic shapes and stacks, but the beauty of these toys is the open-ended possibilities that embrace imagination. Kids can combine sets to open up even more possibilities. 

Speks Geode cobalt blue magnetic fidget toy in
You can make lots of different shapes and combinations with the twelve pieces.

My oldest son got a set for the holidays. Not only does he love making shapes like the sphere and pineapple, but he also likes to watch them snap back into place after a good fidgeting session. He will also lord it over his younger siblings, who at ages nine and seven, both also enjoy playing with these tiny magnetic pieces. He trades time with his Geode for favors he wants or chores he doesn’t want to do.

If you want a great compact toy for older kids, get your own box of Speks Geode today.

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