Automobile Engineer Kit

Thames and Kosmos Kids First Automobile Engineer model building kit for preschoolers forklift model with storybook instructions and container

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Model Building Kit for KidsThames and Kosmos Kids First Automobile Engineer model building kit for preschoolers forklift model

  • What: Automobile Engineer Kit
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Build confidence, great intro to models
  • Where: Amazon

Looking to build your child’s confidence and assembly skills? Want to take their construction skills to the next level? If you want storytelling paired with different models of vehicles, look no further than Thames and Kosmos’ Automobile Engineer Kit.

Kids First Automobile Engineer Kit on Amazon

This STEM toy for preschoolers makes building models simple. With over 70 big plastic pieces that connect, kids can use the included storybook-style manual to make ten different vehicles. From  a forklift to a firetruck, follow along with the Omega family on their adventure as they use their building skills to solve a variety of different problems. Easy-to-follow pictures embedded in the story make it simple to understand. Some of the pieces take a little extra elbow grease to connect, so we’d recommend having an adult on hand to help as needed.

Thames and Kosmos Automobile Engineer kit forklift built with storybook instructions
The storybook includes picture instructions for assembling ten different models.

My youngest son loves this set he received as a gift this holiday season, even though at age seven he’s well past the target age. He enjoys listening to the storybook, which we read out loud together. He can assemble most of the models by himself at this point, though preschoolers will most likely need some assistance. 

Thames and Kosmos Automobile Engineer model building kit for preschoolers with container, forklift
The set also includes a clear container which easily holds all the pieces and instruction manual.

All the pieces and the story book with building instructions fit easily back into the included container, making it simpler to keep up with all the necessary pieces. If your child prefers, you can get the same concept in an Aircraft Engineer set or a Robot Engineer kit. The sets will work together to build even bigger creations, and the storage containers stack to keep everything in one place. We’ve had the Aircraft set since our firstborn child was three, and it has held up very well.

If you want to introduce young kids to the joys of model building without worrying about tons of tiny pieces, these sets provide a wonderful way to build both construction skills and confidence.

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