Zutano Love

Toddler wearing Zutano baby hat and Zutano reversible jacket in car print sitting in field of grass

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Outfit Your Baby

Toddlers wearing Zutano baby hats standing in grass playing in mud
  • What: Zutano Love
  • When: Birth to 2 years
  • Why: Adorable, durable, easy to coordinate
  • Where: Amazon

My kids aren’t babies anymore. Far from it. At ages eleven, nine, and seven, we’re well past the baby stage. But even with that exhausting stage well in our rearview mirror, I still haven’t forgotten Zutano. It remains one of my favorite brands. If they made stuff for bigger kids (or heck, even adults), I’d totally be there for it. From head to toe, you can’t go wrong with this company’s quality, durability, and sheer adorableness for the first few years. It’s almost as precious as the time you get with your tiny one.

Zutano baby hat with car tr

Hats: I adore these baby hats. All three of my kids had a hat from this company, and they loved them. These hats come in the adorable prints typical of Zutano, and they stay on babies’ heads. Whether you get the traditional infant style, or a sun hat, we’ve had and loved them all.

Zutano reversible zip hoodie in blue with car print

Clothes: Zutano clothes can handle whatever life with babies throws your way. From poop explosions to spit up, and everything in between, these solids and prints will weather it well. Their designs mix and match endlessly, so you never have to fret about making your baby look like a million bucks, even when you just grab the first clean thing from the stack.

Zutano baby blanket orange solid side with navy trim

Blankets: We got a special baby blanket for each of our kids. These blankets come with a print and a brightly colored solid or stripe on the reverse side, with contrasting edging. They work great for everything, from tummy time on the floor to an extra layer in the winter months in the car seat or stroller, to shade from the summer sun. Pick your favorite and rest assured it will last long past their baby stage.

Zutano fuzzy baby booties in blue with

Booties: If I had to pick one Zutano item, their Fuzzy Fleece Booties would be it. These adorable and warm booties come in a variety of solid colors. You can also get the same style in a thinner version in their signature prints. No matter which one you choose, these booties have two snap settings. And they don’t come off. No more retracing your every step looking for that lost baby sock or shoe, thanks to the firm fasteners. These booties will stay on even the busiest little feet, and look great doing it.

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