Dragon Masters Books

Dragon Masters by Tracey West number 14 in series Land of the Spring Dragon

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Elemental Fantasy ReadsDragon Masters books by Tracey West in fanned stack with

  • What: Dragon Masters Books
  • When: 6 to 10 years old
  • Why: Entertaining, fast-paced, large text
  • Where: Amazon

Welcome to a world filled with dragons, magic, and adventure! Get your child reading all about the kids who make up the Dragon Masters in this fantasy series by Tracey West.

Rise of the Earth Dragon book on Amazon

In the first installment, Drake, a young boy, learns he has been chosen by the Dragon Stone as a Dragon Master. Along with three other kids, he must learn how to unearth his dragon’s secret power and harness their talents for good. Each of the first four books in the series focuses on one of the original four characters and their dragons and the challenges they face. Subsequent books reveal new Dragon Masters, and more fast-paced trials and adventures perfect for the budding reader.

Dragon Masters by Tracey West chapter 8 from
Large text paired with illustrations on nearly every page make these books great for beginning readers.

With twenty books and counting, there’s plenty to love in the fantasy books meant for emerging readers. Short sentences and chapters, large text, and frequent black and white illustrations make these page turners appeal to a wide variety of kids. Both my nine-year-old daughter and seven-year-old son love all the books in the series, and will read them (or listen to them on audiobooks) over and over again. You can buy books individually, in sets of six including books 1-6, books 7-12, and books 13-18, or get the complete set of 20.

With plenty of books to choose from, and a variety of characters, kids will love exploring the Dragon Masters series as they delve deeper into reading.

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