Folding Seat Pad

Camping seating foam purple pad sitting on stone wall at park

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Keep Bums Clean and Dry

Folding foam seat pad camping outdoor kids insulated weatherproof foam mat in purple on stone wall
  • What: Folding Seat Pad
  • When: Birth to college
  • Why: Affordable, durable, useful
  • Where: Amazon

Got a kid eating school lunches outside thanks to the pandemic? Tired of taking your kids to the park, only to discover all the public benches are occupied? If you want to keep your tush dry and comfortable without packing an entire chair for every trip outdoors, grab a Folding Seating Pad.

Waterproof Folding Foam Mat Seat Pad on Amazon

These seating mats fold up to take up minimal room in a bag or backpack. Thanks to their foam construction, they weigh next to nothing. Their strong material makes them resistant to tearing, and they don’t soak up any moisture even when used directly on wet surfaces. They also offer lots of insulation from the cold, and make even the most unlikely sitting places much more comfortable for kids and adults. 

Folding foam weatherproof waterproof seat pad folded up in backpack next to Wildkins lunch box
These seating pads fit into backpacks without adding much weight.

My kids got these in fall 2020 and still use them regularly. The kids carry them daily in the backpacks to and from school. After daily use five or more times a week, both our seating pads still look almost brand new. I’ve taken to using them myself, to sit on a stone wall or stumps. They keep my clothes from getting wet and cold, and make it more comfortable so I can sit for longer while my kids run off their energy. You can buy them individually for less than $10 or get a pack of two from Amazon

Folding purple foam camping seat sitting pad on stone wall next to bag and water bottle
This seating pad can turn even the most basic perch into a comfortable and dry seat.

If you want to keep your kids or your own rear end dry and cozy, get your own folding seat pad. Better yet, order one for every member of the family so no one argues over who gets to stay warm and dry.

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