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Build IngenuityTinkertoys 1

  • What: Tinkertoys
  • When: 3 to 12 years
  • Why: Imaginative, creative, tactile
  • Where: Amazon

Looking for a classic building toy for the child in your life? Want to inspire a love for experimenting with various shapes and connectors? If you want a solid set of building toys your young one can enjoy for years to come, get them Tinkertoy Building Set.

Tinkertoy 200 Piece Super Building Set on Amazon

These classic wooden toys now come in a sturdy plastic version complete with lots of bright colors. Inside the box, you’ll find tons of pieces in the shapes you remember from the original sets, including wheels studded with holes and sticks in different colors and links. The newer version includes corner connecting pieces as well as flexible plastic lengths for even more inspiring play. 

Kids can make their own creations or get inspired by the included instruction sheet, which provides pictures for 30 models. This set comes complete with a box for easy storage and transport. More importantly, the pieces snap together easily, and hold up well to play. Thanks to the plastic materials, gone are the days of pieces splintering, or getting stuck together and never coming apart again.

If you want to see what your child can create, give them a Tinkertoy set filled with possibilities.

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