Spizzy Ball

Waboba Spizzy Balls in red, blue, and yellow

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Mesmerizing Fun

Waboba Spizzy Balls in red, blue, and yellow

  • What: Spizzy Ball
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Durable, bouncy, weatherproof
  • Where: Amazon

Do your kids lose balls regularly? Want a ball they can play with inside or out, without fear of breaking windows or fragile items? If you need a durable ball that can withstand hours of play without endangering your decor, get a Spizzy Ball.

Waboba Spizzy Ball on Amazon

Roughly the size of a tennis ball, the Spizzy ball comes in a much tougher, more weatherproof material. Choose from three colors, red, yellow, or blue, all of which feature a wavy pattern on the outside. The waved ridges make the ball easy to grip and catch. And unlike a tennis ball, these balls never get waterlogged. Moisture runs down the ridges and right off, keeping you and your kids in the game, whatever it may be.

Yellow spizzy ball on ground
These durable balls hold up well to anything kids throw at them.

Perfect for the playground or the playroom, and soft enough to use inside, these balls have a satisfying bounce to them. They bounce about four feet high without any extra force, and more when thrown harder. They also float, making them great for water play as well, with less worries about losing them. Our kids each got one of these balls for the holidays, and they all enjoy playing with them in a myriad of ways both indoors and out. From bouncing them around on the tennis court to tossing them up slides on the playground, we’ve already logged plenty of time with these well-rounded balls.

Child holding yellow Waboba Spizzy Ball under chin
All three of my kids love to play a variety of games with their Spizzy Balls.

If you’d like a solid ball with a fun design, get your own Spizzy Ball.

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