My Weird School Books

Miss Daisy Is Crazy! My Weird School books by Dan Gutman

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When Teachers Lose Their Marbles

Miss Daisy Is Crazy! My Weird School books by Dan Gutman
  • What: My Weird School Books
  • When: 6 to 10 years
  • Why: Funny, great for beginning readers
  • Where: Amazon

Looking for a new series for your emerging reader? Want an entertaining chapter book that kids will love? If you haven’t met the crazy teachers at this school, now is the time to introduce your kids to the My Weird School books by Dan Gutman.

My Weird School 21-Book Box Set on Amazon

Each selection in the 21 book series focuses on one teacher with crazy proclivities. Kids can begin with Miss Daisy Is Crazy!, and read all the way through to Ms. Krup Cracks Me Up!. Follow along with main character A.J., who hates attending school. See what his crazy teachers get up to in these fast-paced reads with large text and the occasional black and white picture. Don’t want to buy all the books at once? Get a four pack to introduce your child to the series. 

My Weird School Book Miss Daisy is Crazy! My Weird School Daze book Miss Laney is Zany! and My Weirder-est School book Mr. Marty Loves a Party!
You can get even more books from each of the subsequent series.

If 21 books doesn’t keep your kid busy reading about A.J. and his school antics, Dan Gutman has multiple similar series. With twelve books in each one, kids can enjoy My Weird School Daze, My Weirder School, My Weirdest School, and My Weirder-est School for even more fun adventures in the classroom and out.

Miss Daisy Is Crazy! book chapter four pages and text
Large text and short chapters make these books a fast read.

Much like the popular Junie B. Jones series, these books offer kids a world where grownups do unexpected things and the adventures of kids in school and beyond. It has so many books, I can barely keep track of all the options. But it’s sure to keep your child reading for as long as they (or you) like.

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