Slinky Toy

Spring Into FunSlinky toy on Amazon

  • What: Slinky Toy
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Classic, affordable, durable
  • Where: Amazon

Do you have steps in your home or yard? Want to entertain your kids without electronics? Maybe you’re ready for a classic toy that doesn’t require batteries. If you want to relive your childhood through the joys of your children’s play, give them a Slinky.

Original Slinky Walking Spring Toy on Amazon

This sturdy metal spring toy has a mind of its own. The metallic coils give it tons of movement. Kids can go for the traditional play and let the slinky cascade down a set of stairs. They can see saw their hands and watch mesmerized as the rings go back and forth. Slinkies also roll along their sides, expanding at will. 

No matter how your kid plays with it, they will be sure to find something that appeals to them. Unlike plastic knockoffs, the original toy moves smoothly thanks to its sturdy construction. It also holds up well to multiple children, and in a pinch can be pressed back into its coil if accidentally (or on purpose) overextended. With its wide age appeal and durability, this toy is sure to bring joy to your kids.

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