Best Holiday Presents 2021

Kalimba thumb piano musical instrument for kids, Spizzy balls, Speks Geode in cobalt blue, Shashibo cubes, Driven Pocket Series Build A City little cars miniature

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Gifts That Keep On Giving

Kalimba thumb piano musical instrument for kids, Spizzy balls, Speks Geode in cobalt blue, Shashibo

  • What: Best Holiday Presents
  • When: December 2021
  • Why: Gifts kids love most
  • Where: At home

Want a gift that kids will play with over and over again? Need some quality toys that will keep kids entertained? Whether you want to inspire them to learn music or test their logic skills, these toys and gifts from the past holiday season top our list. 

Kalimba thumb piano for kids

Kalimba: This tiny musical instrument packs a big punch. With sounds loud enough to hear and distinguish without being intrusive, kids can explore different notes and harmonies. With seventeen distinct notes that can be reached by small thumbs, kids can use the included book to learn songs or simply start exploring the world of music on their own.

Driven Pocket Series Build-A-City Play Set with fire station gas station police station construction site and more

Driven Build-A-City: Take their Driven Pocket Series to new heights with this complete city set. It features multiple levels and buildings like the fire station to set imaginations on fire. Connect the 140 different pieces in a variety of different ways while driving the six included vehicles around town. It also works seamlessly with other Driven Pocket Series sets.

Yellow spizzy ball on ground with leaves and small plants

Spizzy Balls: These robust bouncing balls get lots of love every week in our household. From repeated bouncing indoors, to tennis courts and playgrounds outside, these balls can handle any elements from dirt to moisture. The size makes it great for packing as well as playing and you can choose from three different colors.

Speks Geode cobalt blue pineapple

Speks Geode: These magnetic toys for older kids will amuse them time and time again. The twelve pentagons can be combined in multiple different ways thanks to the strong magnets along each edge. Choose from different colors, or combine colors for even more creativity and possibilities.

Hexbug remote controlled dragon toy in green from Amazon

Remote Control Dragon: This little pet holds up well to repeated play, and keeps kids coming back. A tiny remote lets kids control the movement and laser beam fire that shoots from the dragon’s mouth. Sticky flexible feet allow the creature to navigate almost any terrain, and kids can recharge it to play over and over again.

Shashibo Cubes Magnetic puzzle toy for kids and adults four cubes in four patterns making square

Shashibo Cubes: One of the best fidget toys we’ve encountered, these cubes make a variety of shapes. Manipulate the toy to try and achieve a certain shape or just enjoy the moving parts. Stack several cubes together for more fun and fidgeting that kids (and adults) will return to over and over again.

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