Gorilla Furniture Pads

Secure Furniture in One SpotGorillaPads furniture grip pads non slip pre-scored four inch squares in packag

  • What: GorillaPads Non Stick Furniture Pads
  • When: Pregnancy to college
  • Why: Keeps furniture in place, safe for floors
  • Where: Amazon

Love your open floor plan but tired of your kids rearranging your furniture? Want to stop your sofa from sliding when your older kids flop onto it repeatedly? Perhaps you need to keep your dining room table from wandering when anyone pushes back their chair after dinner. GorillaPads are here to help!

GorillaPads Non Stick Furniture Pads on Amazon

Want to keep your bed from hitting the wall? GorillaPads can do that. They don’t mess around when it comes to preventing movement. The thick rubber pad goes under almost any surface to keep furniture from sliding. These quality pads will also protect your floors from scratches and damage. Each pad measures 5/16 of an inch thick, which compresses down to one eighth of an inch underneath furniture, meaning the black rubber almost disappears when in use.

GorillaPads pre-scored non slip furniture pads
The pre-scored four inch squares let you cut to fit your exact needs. Like all GorillaPads, they come with a sticky sheet to attach if desired.

GorillaPads come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Choose from round or square in multiple sizes to get the fit that works best for your furniture. If you want even more flexibility, try the pre-scored four inch square, which allows you to easily cut smaller squares, rectangles, or even irregular shapes like L-shaped outlines. All sizes include a sticky sheet to make sure the pad stays where you want it, though you can easily use them without that option. 

Sofa with GorillaPad underneath foot to prevent furniture from slipping or sliding or moving
The GorillaPad is barely visible underneath our sofa leg but they keep the entire couch from moving.

I ordered some of these pads after I got sick of moving our sofa back into place.  Our three kids flop onto it multiple times a day, and over the course of a week, it would move six inches or more, even sliding the furniture behind it out of place. Boy, am I glad I got these. The sofa hasn’t moved a millimeter since we installed them. While two people made it much easier to lift the furniture and get the placement just right, they proved super simple to use. We didn’t even need the stick-on option. Having these GorillaPads in place makes it feel like we glued or nailed the furniture down, with much less effort. And they are easy to remove if we decide to rearrange, and don’t leave any marks on the furniture or floor. I love them so much I may add them to more furniture. My only regret is not getting GorillaPads sooner.

If you need a solution for floating furniture, get a pack of GorillaPads and secure your furniture in place today.

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