Fingerprint Activity Book

Usborne Fingerprint Activities backyard theme arts and craft books for kids

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Easy and Unique Arts and CraftsUsborne Fingerprint Activities backyard theme arts and craft

  • What: Fingerprint Activities Backyard Book
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Fun, unique, self-contained
  • Where: Amazon

Got a kid who loves the Alphaprints board books? Want to let them loose with their own fingerprinting fun? Whether you want a contained art activity or to indulge their love of hands–on creativity, Fingerprint Activities Backyard puts kids in charge of using their own unique fingerprints to design and decorate scenes.

Fingerprint Activities Backyard Book on Amazon

This activity book comes with thick pages sure to keep designs from seeping through the paper. Kids get a rainbow of colors, with seven selections to dip their fingers into and press onto the pages. Washable ink makes for simple clean up. With plenty of easy instructions to follow and lots of room to add their own touch, this book will keep kids entertained making their own art. Each page includes a different theme, from snails to autumn leaves, all built around the backyard theme. With an easy to seal plastic cover and ink pads attached to the book, this self-contained art activity book works great at home or on the go.

Fingerprint Activities Backyard book by Usborne
Kids can add their own fingerprints to complete the different activities in this book.

Want more fingerprint fun? Maybe your child prefers an ocean theme, in which case the same book comes in Fingerprint Activities Under the Sea. Got an animal lover? Fingerprint Activities Animals will delight them page after page. No matter which theme you choose, kids will love making their own mark with these colorful activity books. Best of all, you end up with adorable unique art made from their tiny fingerprints you can enjoy for years to come.

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