Best of February 2022

Hemnes Daybed Clue Junior and Battleships Shots Game

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Battleship Shots game Clue Junior kids board game in front of IKEA Hemnes Daybed in twin configuration
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  • When: February 2022
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February may be the shortest month of the year, but plenty of visitors still found their way to Practically Apparent. Here we’ve rounded up the most popular posts from this short month. Readers clearly still love some perennial favorites, from games to multi-purpose, affordable furniture.

Battleship Shots game set up with balls an

Battleship Shots: This game won the contest for most views by blowing away the competition this month. It’s no wonder. With a game this easy to set up, that packs up in minutes into its own carrying case, kids and parents both love it. For two players or teams, each side takes turns bouncing or throwing lightweight balls to try and sink their opponent’s ships. Since everyone playing can see all the ships on the board, it takes the guesswork out of the original game and adds a big element of chance, evening the playing field for all ages.

Hemnes convertible daybed in twin mode in guest room

Hemnes Daybed: Whether you want a versatile piece of furniture for your child’s room, your playroom, your guest room, or even your office, this daybed goes the distance. By day, it serves as a comfy couch for multiple people. At night, it serves as a twin bed perfect for one. Or pull out the trundle drawer and unstack the mattresses for king-sized comfort. Even better, it comes with three drawers built into the frame. You can access them no matter which mode you use, so you get plenty of storage around the clock.

CLue Junior board laid out ready to play

Clue Junior: Another big hit with readers, this kids’ spin on the classic mystery game has lots to offer. Kids take turns moving any one of the brightly colored figures around the board to collect clues. The first player to solve the mystery of who ate the cake, at what time, and with which drink, wins! Easy to use picture-based clue sheets help kids eliminate options and make it easy for kids (and adults) of all ages to join the fun.

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