Ravensburger Escape Puzzle

Ravensburger Escape Puzzle Greenhouse edition box on top of assembled 368 piece puzzle

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Riddles and More for the Whole Family

Ravensburger Escape Puzzle

  • What: Ravensburger Escape Puzzle
  • When: 6 years and up
  • Why: Two puzzles in one, family fun
  • Where: Amazon

Do you love puzzles? Want to take your jigsaw puzzle skills to the next level? Maybe you want to put a new spin on Family Game Night. You can’t go wrong with Ravensburger Escape Puzzle.

Ravensburger Escape Puzzle Submarine Edition on Amazon 

Want the escape room experience without leaving your home? Try these puzzles within a puzzle. Choose from 368 or 759 pieces. These puzzles take assembling to a whole new level. After you finish the puzzle itself, use your sleuthing skills to solve the riddles in the picture and let the clues lead you to the solution.

Ravensburger Escape Puzzle Greenhouse edition with
These puzzles comes with a mystery to solve and a sealed envelope that holds the answers.

The puzzle may not match the picture on the box exactly, so it doesn’t give away the answers. Kids will have fun trying to figure out the differences between the image on the box and the assembled puzzle, which can kickstart solving the mystery. Each box comes with a set of instructions detailing a problem. Use the puzzle to reach the answer. Thanks to a closed envelope, you can keep the solution hidden from everyone. Any number of players and ages can work on this activity, from assembling the pieces to figuring out the questions and answers.

Best of all, if you like the concept, you can get a variety of themes to try. Choose from several different options, like space, under the sea, garden, witches, and more. There’s even a kids’ version for younger players.

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