Hamster Holmes Books

Animal DetectivesHamster Holmes: A Mystery Comes Knocking easy reader book for kids ready to read by Albin Sadar

  • What: Hamster Holmes Books 
  • When: 5 to 8 years 
  • Why: Fun, builds reading and coding skills
  • Where: Amazon

Got a budding reader who loves animals, mysteries, and secret codes? Whether your child can’t get enough of their invisible ink pens or has read all the Mack Rhino books and wants more mysteries, Hamster Holmes by Albin Sadar will delight and entertain them.

Hamster Holmes: A Mystery Comes Knocking book on Amazon

If your child loves their tiny toy hamsters or hamster backrest pillow, then they can get to know crime-solving Hamster Holmes. Along with his trusty sidekick, Dr. Watts, this dynamic duo solves crimes near and far. Follow along with this clever hamster to put the clues together and solve the mystery. Use actual Morse code to decipher Dr. Watts helpful hints. Each book includes the entire alphabet of Morse code, so kids can learn to match the dots and dashes to letters.

Hamster Holmes: A Mystery Comes Knocking easy reader book for kids by Albin Sadar pages with Morse code
Kids can use the included Morse code key to decipher clues.

Adults will enjoy the play on words, while kids love the large text, easier words, and colorful pictures on every page. Some books come with extra activities and puzzles at the end, from word searches to matching activities that build even more skills. You can buy these easy reader books by themselves, or get a boxed set of six titles together. Kids can enjoy mastering both reading and sleuthing skills thanks to these fun characters and simple mysteries.

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