Snacks on the Go

Healthy snacks for kids to go apples GoGo Big Squeeze fruit pouches, Clif Z Bars, Stretch Island Fruit Leather, snack mix

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Easy Healthy Food To Go

Healthy snacks for kids to go apples GoGo Big Squeeze fruit pouches, Clif Z Bars, Stretch Island Fruit Leather, snack mix
  • What: Snacks on the Go
  • When: Toddler to college
  • Why: Keep kids fed and healthy
  • Where: On the go

If you’ve got kids, you know you can’t always be at home when they get hungry. Whether you’re planning a big trip with kids in tow, or simply want to hit the park without worrying about provisions, these snacks make it easy to have healthy food wherever life takes you.

GoGo Big Squeeze Pouches: If your kid loves pouches, but the smaller size no longer does the job, get a load of these bigger options. Made for older kids, these jumbo pouches come in a variety of fruit flavors kids love. They pack easily into bags and lunch boxes, and close up securely even if your child doesn’t eat all of it. 

Easy snack mix for kids

Easy Snack Mix: Combine whatever dry ingredients you have sitting around into one tasty mix. From cereal to dried fruit, you decide what works best for your family. Have a child with nut allergies? You can make a mix with no nut contamination. It only takes minutes to assemble into snack-sized containers and can be customized for almost any situation. Got a hot day? Leave out the chocolate chips or other melting ingredients. You decide, and best of all, it can put random odds and ends in your cabinet to good use. 

Variety of Stretch Island fruit leather flavors fanned out on white counter

Fruit Leather Snacks: These fruit leather snacks have less sugar than many brands, and kids love them. With six different fruit flavors to choose from, you can have a few or many on hand. They weigh next to nothing, and their slim profile means they fit into pockets, bags, and more for easy access.

Pile of apple fries sliced rectangular sticks on cutting board

Half Eaten Apple Rescue: Got a kid who only ate half the apple you packed? Apples make great healthy snacks just about anywhere thanks to their lack of plastic packaging and compostable cores. When you have leftovers, use this simple trick to turn the remainder into a tasty treat.

Clif Z Bars for kids in various flavors iced oatmeal cookie, chocolate chip, iced lemon cookie, chocolate brownie

Clif Kid Z Bars: These snack bars made just for kids pack a big punch. You can choose from multiple different flavors, like s’mores, iced oatmeal cookie, and more that appeal to kids. My kids have been snacking on these bars for years, and despite their individual food preferences, they all love these bars.

Toddler hand removing piece from sliced apple

Apple Slices: Tired of hauling multiple apples for multiple kids? Want an easy way to distribute an apple without needing a knife or cutting board? This clever trick means you do the slicing before you leave home, but makes it easy for kids to take as little or as much as they want of this healthy snack.

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