Graph Paper Notebooks

Bound Works of Individual ArtGraph paper notebooks in small, regular, and decorated with plaid cloth cover in a stack

  • What: Graph Paper Notebooks
  • When: 4 years and up
  • Why: Creative, collectible, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

Want to encourage your child to doodle, draw, and more, without resorting to electronic devices like a Boogie Drawing Board? Want to keep your kid’s artistic endeavors instead of erasing after every turn like the Etch A Sketch? If you want a bound collection of your child’s thoughts, drawings, and more, try gifting them with a Graph Paper Notebook.

Graph Paper Notebook on Amazon 

You can choose both the size and number of pages of these square-lined paper notebooks. Get one with a fun cover, or let them do the decorating. Go for a standard 8.5 by 11 paper, or get a smaller notebook for on-the-go musings. Graph paper notebooks make great records of trips, and get kids started on fun hobbies like scrapbooking since they can paste ticket stubs, maps, and much more directly into their notebook. Pair it with some fun writing or drawing utensils for a great gift, too.

Child's battle diagram
My son loves graph paper for his drawings.

My oldest son hates writing, so any way we can get him extra practice is well worth it. And he loves graph paper. Whether he colors in the different squares to make fun patterns or draws battle diagrams for his favorite games or Army Men, he can spend ages filling the pages from cover to cover. Once the notebook fills up, we have a collection of his work to store and browse at our leisure, as well as share with visiting family and friends.

Quilt patterns designed by ten year old boy in graph grid paper notebook
These notebooks make great bound keepsakes of your child’s work.

Pick your child a graph paper notebook and see how their creativity takes flight.

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