Pet Rescue Club Books

Inspiring Kids to Help OthersPet Rescue Club books 6, 7, and 8 in fanned stack Champion's New Shoes, A Purr-fect Pair, and Bailey the Wonder Dog

  • What: Pet Rescue Club Books
  • When: 5 to 10 years
  • Why: Sweet, good cause, educational
  • Where: Amazon

Got a kid who loves pets? Has your child grown tired of their stuffed animal and toy pets? If you want to inspire your child to make a difference or get involved in service, look no further than these Pet Rescue Club books.

Pet Rescue Club: A New Home for Truman book on Amazon 

Start the adventure with the first book in the series, A New Home for Truman. In this opening story, Janey can’t have any pets because of her parent’s allergies. So to indulge her love of animals, she starts a blog where people can post photos of their pets. But when she sees a photo of an abandoned dog, she bands together with several classmates to find a solution. Like all the books, it features large text and frequent black and white illustrations, with roughly ten chapters in each book.

Pet Rescue Club book chapter
The large text and frequent illustrations make these books great for young readers.

Each book in the eight book series focuses on a different pet, including dogs, cats, and even a pony. The stories from all the books come from real-life rescue tales, including a note at the end with the inspirational pet and their true story. Better yet, a portion of the proceeds from each purchase go to support the ASPCA to help even more pets in need. You can get these books individually, buy the first four together in a set, or get the complete set of eight books.

If your child loves animals and helping others, they will love this series about pets finding new homes.

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