Hexbug Micro Titans

Hexbug Micro Titans blue Viking battle robot with remote control

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Titanic Bot Battles

Hexbug Micro Titans blue Viking battle robot with remote control
  • What: Hexbug Micro Titans
  • When: 6 years and up
  • Why: Remote controlled, interactive, sturdy
  • Where: Amazon

Do your kids love to squabble? Can they not get enough of Percy Jackson and the Olympians? Want to redirect their competitive spirit? Get a Hexbug Micro Titan and let your kids control the fighting action.

Hexbug Micro Titans Knight on Amazon 

These tiny robots pack a big punch. Each one can spin a full circle, and wields a weapon that matches its background. Choose from a red centurion, a green samurai, a yellow knight, or a blue Viking. They all come with a remote control to put kids in charge of the action. These robots will battle until one wins, signaled by their head popping up. Weapons and shields can be removed and swapped between robots to even the playing field.

Hexbug Micro Titans battle robots red centurion, blue Viking,
Each tiny Titan lights up in its own color.

Each Micro Titan also comes with a charging cable and lights up when in action. The sturdy round base keeps these guys upright and in the competition, while their arms move up and down to deal the decisive blow. Kids can pit them against each other on almost any surface, from floors to tabletops. These toys require minimal finesse from kids, evening the playing field between siblings and friends. The simple two button remote features four different channels, so several robots can battle in the same area without getting their signals crossed. Kids use the directional button to control the spinning and go for the winning blow.

Hexbug Micro Titans red centurion and blue Viking do battle
These battle robots spin in a full circle to knock out weapons, shields, and each other.

These tiny toys measure about four and half inches tall, so they pack up easily to travel to other battlefields. They also store compactly, can be tossed into a bin or used to decorate a victory shelf when not engaged in combat. No matter which one your child chooses, they can be sure to enjoy many battles to come.

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