Story Time Chess

Story Time Chess Box

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Chess Made Easy for KidsStory Time Chess Box

  • What: Story Time Chess
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Fun and easy way to learn chess
  • Where: Amazon

Ready to introduce your child to the joys of playing chess? Want to make sure they have fun while learning the ins and outs of this classic game? Start your kids on a lifelong journey of fun and competition thanks to Story Time Chess.

Story Time Chess on Amazon

In this chess set made just for kids, two different kingdoms square off against each other. Place the cartoon cutouts onto the standard chess pieces to get the board set up. Pit King Chompers against his rival King Shaky in the epic battle to win. The special chess board comes with icons to show kids how and where to set up each piece. Thirty different mini games with instructions included in the booklet help them master each piece’s moves before committing to the full game. Kids will love listening to the eight different stories that set the scene for the game.

My kids love reading the story book even after mastering the moves of the game.

Then let the action start. Using the included storybook, kids can learn the basics, from the types of pieces to their various moves and restrictions. With the two kingdoms featured in the story, it helps kids master this game. Drawstring storage bags keep each set of pieces together and ready for the next battle. Mastered the setup? Flip the board over to use a regular board and standard pieces without the attachments. That means this game will last your kids well into their chess journey.

Put your kids on the road to mastering not just chess skills but also problem solving, logic, and strategic thinking with this chess set that makes learning the game fun for everyone.

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