Sunny Trails Farms Horse Set

Sunny Trails Farms Star and Chance horses in front of barn box

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Down on the Horse Farm

Sunny Trails Farms Horse Set with Chance horse and book and Star and Bella in stalls of box barn container
  • What: Sunny Trails Farms Horse Set
  • When: 4 to 8 years
  • Why: Affordable, complete set
  • Where: Amazon

Looking for the perfect gift for your little horse lover? Want to thrill the riding enthusiast in your life without a trip to the horse barn? Sunny Trails Farms Horse Set will delight horse fans of all ages.

Sunny Trails Farms Horse Set on Amazon

This set comes with a barn complete with three horses in different colors. Each horse comes covered in felt with a mane and tail, and fits perfectly into one of the three stalls. The big stall door swings open for easy access. Introduce your child to Bella, Star, and Chance. Want even more fun? Read the accompanying story book dedicated to each horse. Learn their individual tales and how they came to be at Sunny Trails Farms. A handle on top of the barn makes it easy for kids to transport the entire set from place to place.

Sunny Trails Farms
The box serves as a barn with three stalls for the horses, and a big door that swings open for easy access.

Perfect for horse lovers of many ages, this set provides both toys and books centered around horses. Kids can enjoy playing with the horse figurines, which measure about five inches tall. Each horse has their own bridle and a saddle that can be removed for extra fun. The small story books tuck inside the barn to keep them safe. Kids can enjoy the books on their own, with the colorful illustrations and facts about different breeds at the end. Or you can read the books together to indulge their horse fascination. 

Sunny Trails Farms Bella's Secret book open to page
These books have frequent full color illustrations and lots of text packed into a tiny hardcover.

No matter how your child enjoys this set, they will find plenty of ways to love it for years to come.

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