Animal Erasers

Animal puzzle erasers for kids

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Tiny Zoo Toys

Animal puzzle erasers for kids

  • What: Animal Erasers
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Affordable, tiny, useful
  • Where: Amazon

Need an easy birthday favor that’s safe for all kids? Want something affordable to share for Easter, Valentine’s, stuffing a pinata, or other occasions with small trinkets for kids? Get a pack of Animal Erasers and let the fun begin.

Animal Mini Pencil Erasers on Amazon

These brightly colored animal erasers come in a variety of different shapes and colors. Each one assembles to make a fun friend that can erase any mistakes. These small erasers measure about an inch tall, and fit easily into backpacks, pockets, and more. They make perfect treasures for scavenger hunts, or stuffing Easter eggs, and as a great alternative to food, especially for kids with allergies or dietary restrictions. They also work great as small rewards for positive behavior.

Animal erasers puzzle for kids whale shark, monkey, hedgehog, polar bear, puppy dog, giraffe, horse,
These tiny erasers come in a wide variety of animals.

My kids adore these little erasers. They each have a collection from various occasions, including friends’ birthdays. While they’ve never been willing to use them as erasers, they love collecting the different animals and playing with them, either alone or with other toys. They’ve added them as pets to their Calico Critter scenes, and built Magnet Tile homes for them to inhabit. 

If you need a lot of small trinkets to share, or use as motivation, these fun erasers delight kids of all ages.

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