Children: The Challenge

Children: The Challenge by Dr. Rudolf Dreikurs book

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Practical Steps for Family HarmonyChildren: The Challenge by Dr. Rudolf Dreikurs book

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No matter how you choose to raise your children, all parents can agree on one thing. Parenting can be a challenge, perhaps even the biggest challenge some people encounter. Still struggling to find your stride with your children? Try reading Dr. Rudolf Dreikurs’ Children: The Challenge for helpful hints for all ages and stages.

Children: The Challenge book on Amazon

This book, written more than five decades ago, still has relevance today, While the writing style comes across as a bit dated, gender stereotypes abound, and the names reflect only one cultural norm, if you can see past those limitations, you can glean some insights that might change your relationship with your kids for the better.

Children: The Challenge
Short chapters cover a wide variety of topics.

The book starts off with a look at what children (and most adults) desire. Then it discusses multiple perceptions that interfere with that goal. By understanding the hidden motivations of kids, parents become better equipped to handle the resulting behaviors. While at no time does Dr. Dreikurs recommend confronting kids directly with these subconscious motivations, the advice for how to handle everything from temper tantrums to sibling rivalry can change your household dynamic.

Children: The Challenge chapter 7 "Be Firm Without Dominating"
Although the language can be dated, the tips and advice stand the test of time.

If you want to raise independent thinkers who can handle any situation life presents, this book can help you get there. If you have gotten tired of serving as the authority figure in your house, and would prefer a team approach that seeks to solve situations rather than pit family members against one another, this book gives practical advice to help you achieve equality instead of domination.

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