Doll Diaper Bag

Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Doll diaper bag combo set

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Complete Changing Care

Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Doll diaper bag combo set
  • What: Baby Stella Diaper Bag Combo Set
  • When: 12 months and up
  • Why: Soft, durable, multi-purpose
  • Where: Amazon or Manhattan Toy

Looking for a diaper bag that your child will love? Want a soft bag that goes the distance for your child and their favorite doll? Look no further than Manhattan Toy’s Baby Stella Diaper Bag Set.

Baby Doll Diaper Bag Changing Mat Combo on Amazon 

It’s no secret we love Baby Stella and all her accessories. This diaper bag proves no exception. The small soft-sided bag comes with two cloth diapers, a small pouch with several cloth wipes, a soft fabric diaper cream, and a bottle to boot. The short strap on the bag fastens together in the middle, making it easy for kids to hang it off strollers or elsewhere while on the go. Two front pockets can hold small items, and the interior has enough room for multiple outfits or a blanket and more necessities.

Manhattan Toy Baby Stella doll diaper bag changing combo set with
Thanks to the closures on the sides, this bag can unfold into a changing mat for a wide variety of dolls.

Best of all, the sides of this diaper bag can also be unfastened. Kids can spread the bag flat to serve as a changing mat for their baby, making this bag a real winner. It fits the 15 inch and 12 inch Baby Stella dolls perfectly, but can easily be used for larger or smaller dolls as well. Even if your child has a different brand of doll, this diaper bag packs a lot of stuff and options to keep kids busy caring for their favorite companions. My daughter has had and used her bag extensively for more than six years and it still looks great.

Manhattan Toy Baby Stella diaper bag combo set with
The newer version of this set comes with two diapers, more cloth wipes, and no play cell phone.

Let your child get out and about with everything they need to take care of their doll thanks to this diaper bag made just with them in mind.

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