Hexbug Scarab

Hexbug Scarab in orange on white pillow

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Bugs Without Bother

Hexbug Scarab in orange on white pillow
  • What: Hexbug Scarab
  • When: 6 years and up
  • Why: Affordable, durable, entertaining
  • Where: Amazon or Hexbug

Do you have a child who can’t get enough of bugs, beetles, spiders, and more? Want to let them enjoy their interest without having real bugs in your house? Get a load of the Hexbug Scarab and let kids explore robotics, bugs, and more.

Hexbug Scarab on Amazon 

This brightly colored transparent plastic scarab lets kids enjoy all the action of tiny bugs on a bigger scale. Measuring just over four inches, this scarab comes in five colors: gray, red, green, blue, and orange. Each one can skitter around realistically, avoid obstacles, and even right itself if it flips over.

Hexbug Scarab
These scarabs run on three button batteries.

With a much lower price point than many of Hexbug’s remote control toys, kids can use their own money to buy these bug buddies. They can collect all five to roam the house, or choose their favorite color. With six sturdy angled legs, these bugs can handle lots of different terrain, from slick hardwood floors to deeper rugs and carpet. Kids will enjoy watching them explore.

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