Hamster Heaven

Rodents Without RequirementsHamster backrest husband type pillow, Hamster Holmes books, Hamsters in the House toy battery operated hamsters with grocery store

  • What: Hamster 
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Fun, no care required
  • Where: Your home

Got a child begging for a hamster as a pet? Not sure they’re ready for the responsibilities of a live animal? If your child loves hamsters and you can’t commit to another living household inhabitant, check out these hamster-themed books and more.

Hamster Holmes easy reader books for kids ready to read by Albin Sadar

Hamster Holmes Books: Got a young kid just learning to read? These picture books have plenty of large text, all featuring a hamster sleuth. Let kids enjoy solving the mystery and deciphering the Morse code in every book, or just enjoy the cartoon illustrations of hamsters and their pals.

Hamster backrest lumbar support pillow in orange and white on child's bed

Hamster Backrest Pillow: Need a fuzzy friend forever? This backrest pillow fits small kids perfectly, and doesn’t require any food, water, or even a cage. Kids can use it to prop themselves up for some quiet reading, or simply snuggle with some extra support. 

Hamsters in the House Zuru kids Super Market Doll House set with two houses attached and lots of cars and hamsters on the track

Hamster Toys: These tiny battery-operated hamsters come in bright colors with fuzzy fur to boot. Turn them on and set them on their tracks to watch them zoom about the neighborhood. Or let the hamsters lose to enjoy free roam of your house.

Hamster Princess book 4 Giant Trouble by Urusla Vernon

Hamster Princess Books: Harriet the Hamster defies a lot of the usual princess stereotypes in these graphic novels great for older kids. From befriending monsters to slaying her personal goals, join her on multiple adventures near and far.

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