Someone Could Get Hurt Book

When Parenthood HappensSomeone Could Get Hurt: A Memoir of Twenty-First Century Parenthood book by Drew Magary

  • What: Someone Could Get Hurt Book
  • When: Pregnancy to college
  • Why: Funny, entertaining, heartfelt
  • Where: Amazon

If fear remains your primary emotion at the playground, this book is for you. Drew Magary brings his usual aplomb to the subject of parenting in this memoir, Someone Could Get Hurt, based on his experiences with his own three children.

Someone Could Get Hurt: A Memoir of Twenty-First Century Parenthood on Amazon 

Feeling emotionally overwhelmed and underprepared for what your kids throw at you? From birth to the playground years, Drew Magary has been there and lived to write about it. Now you can benefit from his experiences, related in this memoir of modern parenting.

This book accurately captures the big emotions that come along for the parenting ride. While it may not have the answers you need, it gives you insight into the trials and tribulations of modern day parents. From screen time to when it’s appropriate for kids to use swear words, Magary covers the topics near and dear to parents’ hearts. Ranging from the everyday moments to big heart-wrenching experiences, Magary captures the finer details with his usual humor, wit, and light-hearted approach.

If you’d like to be an armchair observer on someone else’s wild parenting ride, get your hands on a copy of this memoir now and settle in somewhere comfortable.

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