Horse Floor Puzzle

Horses giant floor puzzle in box

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Equine Entertainment

Horse giant floor puzzle pieces jumbled upin box
  • What: Horse Floor Puzzle
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Fun, entertaining, builds logic skills
  • Where: Amazon

Got a horse fanatic in your family? Want to keep them entertained without resorting to screens? Get a huge Horse Floor Puzzle and let them assemble the pieces to reveal a variety of colors and breeds.

Melissa & Doug 100 Piece Horse Floor Puzzle on Amazon

With 100 pieces to find and fit together, this big puzzle will keep kids entertained. The completed puzzle measures 23 by 16 inches, and fits nicely into a small patch of floor or rug. All the pieces go easily back into the box, which comes with a rope handle for easy carrying. The finished barnyard scene includes seven different horse breeds with an identification sheet included.

Horses giant floor puzzle in box
Our giant horse floor puzzle comes with 96 big pieces.

We have a 96 piece horse floor puzzle with jumbo-sized pieces and my horse-crazed daughter loves assembling it. It measures slightly bigger, at two feet by three feet, so it requires plenty of room to spread out and assemble. She loves looking at all the different types of horses after she completes the puzzle. The big pieces make it easy to handle and keep track of pieces, and it holds together well after completion, too.

If you want a smaller puzzle that offers even more breeds to identify, try this Horse Puzzle from Crocodile Creek. It comes with a cylindrical container for all 100 pieces, and measures 14 by 19 inches when assembled. Better yet, it includes a horse finder sheet, with a guide to locating all the different breeds pictured in the puzzle.

Crocodile Creek 100 Piece Horse Puzzle on Amazon

Get your horse skills up to snuff with these puzzles sure to thrill the horse-loving child in your life.

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