Easter Basket Booty

Baby in bunny ears and Easter outfit

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Beyond the Candy

Baby in bunny ears and Easter outfit
  • What: Easter Basket Booty
  • When: Birth to elementary age
  • Why: Fun, festive, wide age range
  • Where: Your home

Looking for inspiration on what to put in your child’s Easter basket? Has your kid gotten big enough to handle real Easter candy and goodies but you’re not sure what to stock? Check out this list for inspiration on great Easter deliveries from that furry-footed bunny. 

Dragon’s Easter Egg Hunt on Amazon

Dragon’s Easter Egg Hunt: We here at Practically Apparent love Priddy books and this new Easter selection is no exception. This board book has a special helper stepping in to make Easter deliveries. Kids can assist the dragon using the pop-out paper eggs that fit into special flaps on each page. Filled with fantastical creatures on all the sturdy pages, kids and grownups alike can enjoy this fun tale long after the Easter bunny has left.

Hatch'ems from GeoCentral turtle peeking out from half shell

Hatching Egg Toys: Take the egg fun one step further with these egg toys. Each one will hatch when placed in water, allowing the baby animal inside to expand and break the shell. Kids will love watching the egg slowly hatch in a container, as well as playing with the creature revealed.

Melissa & Doug Puffy Sticker Activity Book Riding Club theme with stickers added to front cover scene

Puffy Sticker Activity Book: With so many themes to choose from, you’re sure to find one your child will love. The puffy stickers in these activity books can be used over and over again, well past Easter and even spring. Kids can move the stickers from page to page to set the scene and act out their imaginations. Choose from a basic foldout type or a full spiral notebook with plenty of different pages for playing.

Animal erasers puzzle for kids whale shark, monkey, hedgehog, polar bear, puppy dog, giraffe, horse, hamster, and dolphin in bright colors

Animal Erasers: These tiny animal erasers fit easily into most Easter eggs for a fun alternative to candy. Kids will love assembling the pieces to make each animal, and they can also use them to erase. But most of all they will love collecting and playing with these tiny rubbery animals in a variety of ways.

Use these ideas to thrill your little one come Easter Sunday, or get inspired to assemble a variety of books, small toys, art activities, and little animals for your own Easter goodies.

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