Hexbug Infestation

Hexbug STEM BEAM robotic toys for kids red dragon, blue Viking Micro Titan, red and black ring racer, red centurion Micro Titan, green spider, orange scarab, multi color Nano bugs

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Robotic Creatures for Any Occasion

Hexbug STEM robotic toys dragon, Viking Micro Titan, black and red ring racer, red centurion Micro Titan, green spider, orange scarab, and multi color Nano bugs
  • What: Hexbug Toys
  • When: 4 years and up
  • Why: Enthralling, lots of choices
  • Where: Amazon or Hexbug

Has your child graduated from wooden train tracks and you’ve grown tired of the accumulation of tiny LEGO bricks? If you haven’t already met Hexbug and their line of robotic STEM toys, now you can take a closer look at all the toys they offer. But beware, or your house might soon become infested with these quality selections as well, all of which make excellent gifts for almost any occasion.

Hexbug Nano bugs in orange green and black in white hex with gate open

Hexbug Nano: These tiny robotic bugs can be used alone or with the miles of track and other accessories available for them. Each one measures around two inches long and runs on button batteries. They skitter around much like real bugs, changing direction and navigating obstacles. You can get them individually, in sets of bugs with features like glow in the dark, or with full track options.

Hexbug Scarab in orange on white pillow

Hexbug Scarab: These bug-like robots come in several different translucent colors and run on batteries with no remote needed. They skitter around with the ability to flip themselves over as needed and go in almost any direction. With an ability to handle all types of indoor terrain, the low price point on these robotic bugs give them lots of appeal.

Hexbug Micro Titans blue Viking battle robot with remote control

Hexbug Micro Titans: Four small robots based on classic warriors like Vikings, samurais, and more battle to the finish. Each one comes with a remote with multiple channels and their own unique weapons and shields. Face them off with each other and wait for their heads to pop up, signaling victory. Or use them on their own to turn the tide in almost any battle.

Hexbug remote control dragon in red

Hexbug Dragon: These large robotic toys come with tiny feet that spin around, allowing them to overcome lots of different surfaces and some obstacles as well. Their rubbery wings paired with the laser fire that shoots from their mouth at the touch of a button makes them very appealing to kids. Use the included remote to control the action of the color dragon of your choice.

Hexbug Ring Racer remote control toy in black and red

Hexbug Ring Racer: This two wheeled racing device zooms from place to place thanks to its unique design. Kids can race each other or have fun mastering tricks using the two button remote to control all the action. Like most Hexbug toys, it comes in a variety of color combinations and the remote has multiple channels to allow two kids to play in the same area with no crossed signals.

HEXBUG Spider in green with two button remote control

Hexbug Spider: If you prefer robotic arachnids to the real thing, these remote controlled spiders will win you over. Each one careens around on six legs to go almost anywhere, with an easy-to-use remote controlling the action. Kids can play with them alone or paired with any other Hexbug creature for even more fun.

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