Ultimate Horse Book

The Ultimate Horse Book back cover

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The Ultimate Horse Book by Elwyn Hartley Edwards
  • What: Ultimate Horse Book
  • When: 8 years and up
  • Why: Entertaining and educational
  • Where: Amazon

Does your child know everything about horses? Do they have questions even Google struggles to answer? If you have a child with a horse obsession, there’s no better reference guide than The Ultimate Horse Book.

The Ultimate Horse Book on Amazon 

More than 200 pages cover hundreds of topics about horses with large pages dedicated to facts and figures about horse breeds, equipment, care, and more. Each page comes fully illustrated with photos of actual horses, including over 99 different breeds and their individual histories and characteristics. The beginning portion of this wonderful reference manual includes information related to the evolution of the horse from wild animal to domestic companion.

The Ultimate Horse
This book has information on tons of different breeds and more.

Following chapters examine each breed in minute detail. These in-depth looks at types of horses and ponies come interspersed with sections on various different equestrian events and competitions. Kids can enjoy the entire book in one sitting, which would take hours to peruse and read. Or they can look up their favorite breed, discover a new type, or just dive into details at random for as long as they like.

The Ultimate Horse Book French Trotter pages
The book includes lots of colored photographs and illustrations.

My nine-year-old daughter cannot get enough of this book. She enjoys using it to answer any questions she might have, as well as soak up information relating to her favorite animal. She’s spent several months pouring over the pages and learning the language, and still loves going back for more. Kids will need fine-tuned reading skills to devour the small print and somewhat dense text in this reference book. Though it can be read out loud to younger kids, the joy lies more in picking and choosing the topic rather than reading it from cover to cover.

If you want to imbue your little equestrian with a lifetime of horse knowledge, get your child a copy of The Ultimate Horse Book.

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