Doll Car Seat

Child buckling pink bunny into Adora Baby Doll Car Seat

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Carry Companions in Comfort

Adora Baby Doll Car Seat Carrier with Bitty Baby doll by American Girl dressed in Baby Stella doll clothes by Manhattan Toy
  • What: Adora Baby Doll Car Seat
  • When: 12 months and up
  • Why: Lightweight, affordable, durable
  • Where: Amazon

Have a little caregiver in your household”? Does your child like to take their doll wherever they go? Perhaps now that they have a Deluxe Doll Stroller, they want to expand to a doll car seat to keep their baby safe. If you want a quality doll carrier that won’t break the bank, try the Adora Baby Doll Car Seat.

Adora Baby Doll Car Seat on Amazon

This plastic doll car seat comes lined with a brightly colored soft plush insert. It can be removed for easy cleaning and goes into the washing machine. The carrier will fit dolls and stuffed animals up to 20 inches tall. The straps easily go over most dolls, from Baby Stella to Cabbage Patch Dolls, Bitty Baby from American Girl, and Baby Alive to name a few. It can accommodate both stuffed and plastic dolls with posable arms and legs without an issue. Kids can use the buckle at the three-way strap, or just detach the straps where they meet the seat to buckle their doll.

Adora Baby Doll Car Seat
My daughter has played with this doll car seat for years.

Because the seat itself doesn’t weigh much, kids can carry it themselves. The handle can be positioned behind the seat to prop it up at an angle, or used to hook over your child’s arm. They can also strap it into an actual car using the seat belt for the full doll car seat experience. Don’t love pink? This sweet doll seat also comes in a cute zigzag pattern or pale blue floral print

Child carrying pink bunny in Adora Baby Doll Car Seat
This doll car seat has made many outings with us.

Our doll car seat has handled many baby dolls, and still looks great doing it. My daughter, now almost ten years old, has carried it outside, in the car, on her bike, and propped it up in her doll stroller. Despite multiple trips indoors and out, it has held up to repeated play well from the toddler stage on up.

For awhile, my daughter couldn’t leave home without this lightweight doll seat.

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