Pop It! Fidget Toy

Pop It! fidget toy in box

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Endless Hands-On Entertainment

Pop It! bubble popping game toy Foxminds color change in the sun

  • What: Pop It! Fidget Toy
  • When: 1 year and up
  • Why: Sensory, affordable, durable
  • Where: Amazon

Got a child who loves to fidget things? Want to keep their hands busy while they listen to their music player or have to sit still for longer periods of time? Try Pop It! Toys designed to keep little (and big!) hands busy.

Foxmind Games Go Pop on Amazon

Much like the Poke-a-dot Alphabet Book, these toys have small fingertip sized bubbles that can be pushed over and over again. These soft silicon toys work for single players or as a two person game. Push the silicon buttons and watch as they pop out on the opposite side. Once you press all the bubbles, flip over the toy and start all over again. Create patterns or race to see who can pop all theirs first. 

Pop It! fidget toy tie dye colors
Bright colors and smooth silicon make these toys even more appealing.

Want to put a different spin on this toy? Try playing a game with two people using the same Pop It! piece. Each player chooses how many buttons to pop, before passing the board to the other player. The last person to pop a button on that side loses.

Choose from a wide selection of styles and colors. The tie-dye options make for unique gifts that are easy to tell apart among siblings and friends. You can also get this type of toy in fun shapes beyond the basic circle or square, like butterflies, hearts, foods, and much more. Each brightly colored toy comes in a durable silicone material for easy cleaning and sanitizing. The buttons make very little noise when popped, making it less obtrusive for other people. 

Back of box Pop It! fidget toy from Chuckle and Roar Foxmind games
Kids can play with these fidget toys alone or with a buddy.

Want even more fun? Get a color-changing Pop It! that turns a different shade when placed in sunshine. Watch the color brighten in the sun then fade when removed from sunlight to give this toy even more entertainment value, or simply enjoy the endless fidgeting appeal.

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