Pokemon Pleasing Presents

Pokemon Presents for Kids Battle Academy Box Official Handbook Let's Go Eevee! Nintendo Switch Game backpack playset with figurines and cards

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Complete Your Child’s Collection

Pokemon Presents for Kids Battle Academy Box Official Handbook Let's Go Eevee! Nintendo Switch Game backpack playset with figurines and cards
  • What: Pokemon Gifts for Kids
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Go beyond the game
  • Where: Amazon

Got a Pokemon addiction in your household? Looking for something special that will thrill kids who love Pokemon? Check out our list of the best Pokemon toys and gifts for kids.

Pokemon Battle Academy box learning card game

Pokemon Battle Academy Box: Got a child who wants to learn to play the Pokemon card game? This big box gives them everything they need to get started. A folding board helps kids learn where to place which types of cards. Instructions printed right on the board will guide them through each round. Three different decks marked for easy assembling and advancing game skills make it easy for kids to learn the game and start playing fast.

Let’s Go Eevee! Nintendo Switch Video Game: If your child can’t get enough Pokemon, Nintendo Switch offers several video games to keep them entertained. Choose from Eevee or Pikachu options, and have your trainer collect and battle various Pokemon as they advance through the game map. You can also get lots of Nintendo accessories, like a Poke Ball to make capturing new Pokemon even more fun. 

The Official Pokemon Handbook on Amazon

Official Pokemon Handbook: This guide includes details on all the different types of Pokemon, with a page dedicated to each one. Learn about evolved Pokemon, which types fare best in battle, and more thanks to this quick reference book loaded with details.

Pokemon Cards: You can never go wrong with a deck of Pokemon cards. You can buy extension packs or entire decks, and get some collector items like oversized cards, specialty tins and more for the true collector.

Pokemon backpack playset set

Pokemon Backpack Playset: Want to expand the action beyond the screen, board, or cards? Pokemon figures can frolic and even do battle in this backpack playset. It unfolds to offer multiple different areas of play with lots of action to keep kids entertained. When not in use, fold it up and use the straps for easy backpack transport. Even better, store Pokemon figures inside so everything stays together.

Pokemon Books: Still can’t get enough Pokemon? Look for Pokemon-themed books to keep kids enthralled. You can find graphic novels and chapter book series to match kids’ reading level. These books feature their favorite Pokemon characters on new adventures.

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