Gummy Earbuds for Kids

JVC Gummy earbuds headphones in orange, pink, and purple with SanDisk mp3 players in orange and pink

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Colorful Sounds

JVC Gummy Earbuds in purple with package

  • What: Gummy Earbuds for Kids
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Compact, affordable, lots of color choices
  • Where: Amazon

Does your child love their music player but can’t get headphones that fit just right? Want to have less bulk when you travel with your older kids? Or maybe you just want your child to be able to hear you when listening to audiobooks at home. No matter the reason, these JVC Gummy Earbud Headphones work great for kids.

JVC Gummy Earbud Headphones on Amazon 

These brightly colored earbuds come in a variety of colors sure to please kids. Even better, the colored buds and wires make it easy for kids to keep track of their own earbuds. It also means parents and kids alike can easily tell siblings’ earbud headphones apart. Did your pet eat the cord on your child’s music player? No worries. Kids can afford to replace them at this price point. Get one or more in the color of your choice.

Even better for kids, these earbuds come with multiple different earbud covers to fit a variety of shapes and sizes. Try all the included plastic covers on to see which one works best for your child. Save the others for use as your child grows.

JVC Gummy Earbuds with SanDisk mpg
These gummy earbuds works perfectly with mp3 players and other electronics.

These earbuds make it more comfortable for kids to lay down or fall asleep while listening on long trips. The bright colors pop against other belongings to simplify finding them fast. The cord has plenty of length to keep kids connected without getting too tangled up. And the tiny earbuds take up much less room than typical headphones.

If you want affordable, comfortable, colored earbuds for your child, you can’t go wrong with the JVC Gummy Earbud Headphones.

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