Doll Carrier 

Secure SnugglesDoll Carrier 2

  • What: Manhattan Toy Wee Baby Stella Doll Carrier
  • When: 12 months and up
  • Why: Soft, adjustable, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

Does your little one carry their doll with them everywhere they go? Is a deluxe doll stroller or even a doll car seat too much bulk for their daily outings together? If your child wants to keep their favorite doll close and have their hands free, get them connected with the Baby Stella Doll Carrier.

Manhattan Toy Wee Baby Stella Doll Carrier on Amazon  

Much like the Baby Stella dolls and diaper bag, this baby doll carrier comes made out of soft sturdy materials safe for even the youngest caregiver. Adjustable straps make it great for fitting a variety of kids and keeping their doll safely stowed inside. Thanks to hook and loop closures, the carrier fits several types of dolls (and stuffed animals!), not just the Baby Stella line. Kids won’t have any trouble putting their doll into this carrier and getting the straps in place, though they may need help to adjust the fit.

Toddler riding in stroller with Manhattan Toy Baby Stella doll carrier holding Cabbage Patch Kid doll
We’ve had our doll carrier for years, since my kids rode in strollers themselves.

My daughter has had her baby doll carrier for longer than I can remember, well over five years. She’s used it to carry her dolls around the house while playing with other toys, as well as on outings both near and far. The carrier has held up remarkably well. Not only does it still look and work great, but she can still manage to wear it even now.

Child wearing Manhattan Toy Baby Stella doll carrier on her back with Cabbage Patch Kid doll
This doll carrier can be worn on the front or back.

If you want a doll carrier that will last as long as their love for their baby doll, grab a Baby Stella Doll Carrier and let your child enjoy wearing their doll.

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