Wind Chime Kit For Kids

Make a Wind Chime Kit for kids two tiny terra cotta pots, five paints, paint brush, twine, and clear cord to assemble

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Musical Crafts

Make a Wind Chime arts and crafts kit for kids

  • What: Make A Wind Chime Kit For Kids
  • When: 6 years and up
  • Why: Affordable, easy to make, unique
  • Where: Amazon

Spring has sprung and garden fun abounds with this musical Wind Chime Kit made just for kids.

Make A Wind Chime Kit For Kids on Amazon 

Made with kids in mind, this kit includes everything needed to complete the wind chime project. Inside, kids will find two small ceramic pots ready to decorate. They can use the paintbrush and five included paints in pink, blue, purple, yellow, and white, to adorn the pots any way they like. After finishing their design, use the filament to suspend the four small silver metallic chimes. A cord provides the final touch, allowing kids to hang their creation anywhere they see fit, inside or out.

Make a Wind Chime kit for kids back of box
Easy to follow instructions make this project simple yet rewarding.

This wind chime project can be completed with minimal adult assistance in less than a day. The longest part of the project involves waiting for the paint to dry. Two kids can easily share the kit, with each one painting one small terra cotta pot and then combining them in the final assembly. This kit not only works as a great craft project, but the final result makes a wonderful and unique gift for family and friends.

Make a Wind Chime Kit for kids two tiny terra cotta pots, five paints, paint brush, twine, and clear cord
Kids can paint the tiny pots any way they like before assembling the wind chimes.

While we used paints from our personal supply to supplement the included colors, my daughter had fun picking a theme and decorating the pots. She needed some help to thread the line through the wind chimes, and we used cardboard underneath the pots while painting and drying to minimize any mess and protect the surface of our table.

For a project that will bring whimsical music, joy, and a big sense of satisfaction, let your child design their own wind chimes with this kit made just for kids.

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