Gifts for Kids Who Love Horses

The Ultimate Horse Book French Trotter pages

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Add These to Your Stable Collection

Groovy Girl riding horse
  • What: Gifts for Kids Who Love Horses
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Versatile, affordable, wide age range
  • Where: Amazon

Got a child who adores everything equine? Want to thrill the little horse lover in your life? If you can’t spring for the actual animal, but still want to bring lots of joy and excitement to your kid, look no further than these books, toys, clothing and more for kids who can’t get enough of horses. 

Wildkin Lunch boxes lined up in row on countertop

Wildkin Lunch Boxes: What better to have with them every day than a lunch box covered in horses? Choose from three different horse designs from this popular brand of lunch boxes that hold up to everyday use. Want even more horses? Get a water bottle, Bento box, or even a backpack in one of their cheerful horse prints.

Dress Up Paper Horses: This paper doll activity book focuses on horses. Kids can punch out the various different horses and accessories, and use the pages of the book to set the scene. Once they finish playing, a handy envelope in the back keeps all the loose pieces together until it’s time to play again. 

Playmobil Horse Grooming Station shower toy

Playmobil Horse Grooming Station: Keep your horses and ponies clean thanks to this grooming station, which uses real water to wash down those big animals. It comes with everything kids need to take excellent care of their horse, from a person to do the job to all the grooming tools to keep the horses looking their best.

Groovy Girls: If you want bigger horse fun, Groovy Girls can go for a ride on one of their stuffed horses anytime they please. These soft stuffed horses have bendable legs that help them stand, even with a rider. With lots of girls (and boys!) with different personalities, skin tones, and outfits to choose from, you’re sure to find someone who speaks to your little rider.

Fairy Ponies series books kids chapter by Zanna Davidson

Fairy Ponies Books: The adventure never stops thanks to these fantasy books from author Zanna Davidson. Go on an epic journey with Holly as she travels to the magical world under the old oad tree in her great aunt’s garden. There she helps the horse inhabitants with a range of issues, from troublesome rivals to mysteriously bad weather.

Girls hot pink with flying horses Pegasus fuzzy fleece jacket from Hatley

Hatley Fleece Jackets: Keep your child toasty and fashionable with these horse-themed prints. These fuzzy jackets have super soft fleece that keeps kids comfortable in almost any temperature. Two hand pockets make room for cold fingers or hidden treasures, and the full zip makes it easy for kids to get on and off. Want even more horse-themed apparel? Hatley offers shirts, swimsuits, dresses, raincoats, and pajamas for the kid who wants to wear horses all day every day.

Lottie Dolls Pony Pals Olivia and Seren horse theme

Lottie Dolls: These sturdy dolls not only give kids a better self image, but you can get one complete with a horse to ride, too. Check out Lottie, who comes with a riding outfit and her pony pal, Seren. The plastic horse makes it easy for any Lottie doll to ride, and accessories like a saddle blanket complete the horse-themed fun.

Playmobil my secret horse stable play box set up with horse and person

Playmobil Secret Play Box: Want some horse fun on the go? This complete stable set packs up nicely to take anywhere, or just to keep it safe from pesky siblings. With a horse to groom and plenty of accessories like tasty treats and buckets, kids can set the scene with the fold out box. Then they can pack it all away when playtime ends, and lock the box with the included key.

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