Clay Luminary Kit

Light Up Craft TimeDIY Clay Luminary Kit

  • What: Clay Luminary Kit
  • When: 6 years and up
  • Why: Fun, unique, creative
  • Where: Amazon

Want to keep your child’s hands busy with some sensory fun? Does your child love molding clay, or making their own crafts? Let them loose to make their own unique candle holder with this Clay Luminary Kit.

Clay Luminary Kit for Kids on Amazon

This kit comes with everything kids need to create three of their own unique luminaries. Inside the box, you’ll find 15 different colors of clay, one silicon mold, one plastic knife tool, one plastic roller, one tool for making designs, and three LED tea lights to light the finished project. The box also comes with step-by-step illustrated instructions for making the luminaries.

DIY Clay Luminary Kit with pieces for craft project and completed tea light candle holder laid out
This DIY kit comes with everything pictured here.

Kids will need to warm the stiff clay by rolling it into balls, then making it into strips. The clay can get hard to manipulate if left out, so it’s best to finish each luminary in one sitting. Kids then mix as many or as few colors together as they’d like. Using the paper guides, roll out the clay to fit the side and bottom cut outs. Once they apply the clay to the outside of the silicon mold, they can punch holes in it to create their own designs with light shining through the gaps. After that step, the entire thing goes into the oven to set. It will also need to cool before kids can remove the mold. 

My nine-year-old daughter molding her clay luminary.

The finished project lets kids add a tea light and decorate any surface with their craftwork. These luminaries also make great gifts for friends and families, as each one turns out unique. Kids can enjoy working with clay and seeing the difference after it hardens. Whether your child makes all three luminaries themselves, or shares the fun with family or friends, this kit is sure to please.

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