Animal Crossing Controller

Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch Controller with Timmy and Tommy next to Timmy stuffed animal

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Get a Grip on the Island

Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch Controller with Timmy and Tommy next to Timmy stuffed animal
  • What: Animal Crossing Game Controller
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: More control choices
  • Where: Amazon

Want to add even more Animal Crossing joy to your child’s life? If you’ve got a household member who can’t get enough of Timmy and Tommy and all the fun on their video game island, get them their own Animal Crossing Controller.

Animal Crossing Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch on Amazon

The large controller comes with all the buttons and joysticks of the standard Nintendo Switch controllers. Unlike those, this wireless controller won’t attach to the Switch itself. A fun graphic pattern with images of Timmy and Tommy completes the whimsical look. Two AA batteries will keep the controller playing for up to 30 hours, so kids rarely have to worry about running out of battery charge.

Animal Crossing and regular Nintendo Switch controllers side by side
Here’s how the Animal Crossing controller compares with the regular Nintendo Switch controllers added to a holder.

The larger controller makes it easier for some kids to handle, and the button display makes the controls less confusing. If your child prefers, you can get the same fun design featuring K.K. Slider, too. Got a kid obsessed with Zelda or Pokemon? This same wireless controller comes in a wide variety of other video game favorites, too.

Top of Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch controller next to Timmy
Larger shoulder buttons can make it easy for smaller hands to reach them.

Keep kids in good company with their favorite video game characters thanks to this wireless controller compatible with Nintendo Switch.

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