Ode to My Outdoor Rug

FH Home outdoor rug in backyard seating area

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Why I Adore My Outdoor Carpet

FH Home outdoor rug in backyard seating area
  • What: FH Home Outdoor Rug
  • When: Pregnancy to college and beyond
  • Why: Durable, affordable, versatile
  • Where: Amazon

I love my FH Home Outdoor Rug. It can jazz up any space with minimal effort. Yet after more than a year, it still looks great no matter where I put it.

FH Home Outdoor Rug on Amazon

I originally got this rug during the pandemic to create a more appealing outdoor space. It spent months, including some harsh winter weather, outdoors on our brick patio. Then I moved it into our detached garage to make a gaming area more appealing. There it had no trouble handling spills, kids, and even furniture getting moved around on top of it. Most recently, I’ve placed it in the yard to bring a snazzy vibe to one neglected area and pull all the seating together.

FH Home four by six foot outdoor rug in garag
I’ve used this outdoor rug to dress up our garage for gatherings.

I love the colors. The bright blue never fails to catch the eye, and the Aztec-inspired pattern goes with almost any decor. Better yet, the reversible print means I get to choose which side looks better wherever I want to place it. Thanks to the sun-resistant material, I don’t have to worry about fading or replacing the rug every year, much less every season. When I want to move it around, it rolls up with ease and even my kids can carry it.

FH Home outdoor rug in blue and white on
I originally had my rug on our brick patio, where it had no trouble withstanding the traffic or elements.

The four by six foot size has been perfect for such a wide variety of uses. It has enough coverage to hide lots of imperfections in the yard or the cement floor of the garage, and tie a group of furniture together. I’ve seen the same rug on the front porch of a friend’s beach rental house. It has held up equally well there even with the sand, sun, and more. It’s small enough to fit in a lot of different places, and move around with ease. You can get the same design in other color combinations, and even different sizes.

FH Home outdoor rug in
This outdoor rug makes me happy every time I glimpse it.

I wouldn’t trade my outdoor rug for any other. It brings me joy every time I lay eyes on it. If you want an equal thrill, get your today, because I’m never parting with mine.

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